theGeotechnica – Issue No.55 December 2016

December 2016

– Flexible Solutions for Debris Flows and Shallow Landslides – Providing this month’s first article for theGeotechnica is Tony Bailey, Project Manager at Geobrugg AG. In this excellent case study, Tony discusses flexible solutions for debris flows and shallow landslides.

– AGS & BDA Task Force Provide Initial Survey Feedback – A survey of the UK ground investigation industry was conducted in July and August 2016. The results are being assessed by the joint AGS and BDA Task Force, and will be published over the next few months. Opportunities for comment and further discussion will be provided subsequently. This notice gives initial feedback on the Survey.

– Yallem Piles into Dorset Biomass Plant – Providing the third entry into this month’s issue of theGeotechnica are first-time contributors Yallem. In their debut article, Yallem reveal details of their latest piling project at a Dorset-based Biomass Plant, featuring spacial challenges and variable ground conditions.

– Tentatively Identified Compounds (TICs) explained and why ask for them? – Providing the final article for Issue 55 of theGeotechnica is David Bowen of Terra Tek. David is a Senior Chemistry Supervisor at Terra Tek’s Birmingham Laboratory. In this in-depth article David focuses on Tentatively Identified Compounds, explaining exactly what they are, how you test for them and what happens if you find them.

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theGeotechnica – Issue No.50 May 2016

May 2016

– The Task Ahead – theGeotechnica provides more specific information regarding both the intention of the new AGS/BDA Task Force initiative and the format of the survey it will aim to produce. Background information on the people behind the initiative is also included. In this article we will hear from the Team Leaders in charge of organising the creation, distribution and analysis of the survey, about why they chose to become involved and what they hope the collaboration can achieve.

– Help! We’ve gone artesian! – Providing the fourth in a series of pieces for theGeotechnica is Liz Withington, Senior Manager at Geotechnical Engineering Ltd. This month Liz tackles the tricky issue of coping with artesian conditions on flooding drill sites.

– Equipe Training – An 8 Year Journey – During the course of the last 50 issues of theGeotechnica, its parent company the Equipe Group have gone from strength to strength – mirroring the magazine’s continued success. In this retrospective piece we will be looking back at the history of Equipe, documenting the growth of the UK’s only dedicated geotechnical training provider.

– Volatile Organic Compounds – In another excellent, technical article, Hazel Davidson of Derwentside Environmental Testing Services returns to write for theGeotechnica. This month, Hazel turns her attention to Volatile Organic Compounds, providing valuable insight into what VOC’s actually are.

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theGeotechnica – Issue No.41 June 2015

June 2015

– Construction Design & Management Regulations 2015: Implementation – In conversation with the Health and Safety Executive, Tom Phillips of RPA Safety Services and Julian Lovell, Managing Director of Equipe and Chair of the AGS Safety Working Group attempt to clarify some of the questions consultants and contractors are raising regarding the implimentaion of CDM2015.

– Why should you be at Geotechnica? – In this issue of theGeotechnica, we look forward to this year’s Geotechnica and outline exactly why you should be attending 2015’s event. Whether it is to attend the always excellently received geotechnical conference featuring speakers from high profile clients such as HS2 Ltd and Network Rail; discover the latest product developments and innovations; meet prospective clients, contractors and suppliers, or to catch up with friends new and old – Geotechnica offers something for everyone.

– BDA Audit: The Relaunch – One of the most exciting pieces of news broken recently was the relaunch of the BDA Audit. This month Max Soudain of Blackcap Communications takes a closer look at the new audit for theGeotechnica, including the history of the scheme itself, but also what changes will be coming into place in the future.

– There is more to a TPH result than just a number – Writing for theGeotechnica this month is David Bowen Senior Supervisor at Terra Tek Birmingham. In this excellently informative article, David provides a geo-environmental appraisal of a former railway line and sidings required chemical and geotechnical testing as part of the intrusive investigation.

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