theGeotechnica – Issue No.23 August 2013

August 2013

– Reinforced-Soil Contract Success – Writing on behalf of geotechnical specialists Maccaferri once again is Jeff Laverack of Holmes Media. This month Jeff writes to theGeotechnica as Maccaferri reveal the success of their reinforced-soil contract, whilst also detailing exactly what a reinforced-soil wall structure can offer you.

– Geotechnica 2013 – The Event Review – An in-depth review of this year’s Largest UK Based Geotechnical Trade Show and Exhibition – includes attendance details and information on where to find all of the facts and figures from 2013’s show.

– Eurocode 7 in Geotechnical Investigation: The Discussion – On the 11th July a discussion session was held at Geotechnica 2013, the UK’s Largest Geotechnical Trade Show and Exhibition. The debate posed the question of whether Eurocodes were being widely used for geotechnical projects at all levels in the UK. Full details are contained within this article.

– Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons – Writing for theGeotechnica once more is highly valued contributor Hazel Davidson of Derwentside Environmental Testing Services. This month, Hazel discusses why polyaromatic hydrocarbons are so valuable.

– Controlled Fineness – ‘Ultra-Fine’ Cements – Writing for theGeotechnica for the first time is Bill Price, National Commercial Technical Manager of Lafarge Tarmac Cement & Lime. In this month’s article, Bill gives readers a highly insightful introduction to Ultrafine cements.


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