theGeotechnica – Issue No.5: October 2011

October 2011

– The Future of the UK Motorway Network – A review of the future Highways Agency programme and their plans moving forward.

– Asbestos in Soil – Advice on the control of asbestos that can be found in many brownfield site’s soils.

– Sonic Drilling on the Isle of Wight – A look at a new Sonic Rig on the Isle of Wight and it’s benefits.

– How Healthy is your Business? – Guidance on what employers need to provide regarding occupational health and safety.

– The Future is NVQ – Advice on funding for candidates and a look at the spectrum of NVQ qualifications available.

– Does your laboratory pass the data entry chalenge? – An examination of the benefits of effcient data entry for laboratories.

– LiDAR Scanning for Geotechnical Analyses – A look at the use of LiDAR and it’s effectiveness in providing survey data.

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